Everyday a workout.

Well kind of.  This great group of sisters, cousins and best friends normally workout together at home and worked out together while on their vacation getaway at the Lake of the Ozarks; three are coaches at their gym.


Following a wake-up treat of mimosas, the Friday morning workout for Brandi and the girls was in the front yard of WhataVacation vacation rental.  The ‘players’ did their workout as drafted by their three coaches.  The yard routine also included a couple laps around the house, with ‘rewards’.

Please note that the coach (the Bachelorette) was also providing her version of ‘performance enhancements’ for the athletes preparing for a big day at Coconuts Caribbean Beach Bar & Grill – she is giving the ‘players’ special-infused watermelon slices!


Saturday, starting the day (of course, again) with mimosas, and then a pre-planned and very detailed workout on the private dock at WhataVacation.  Saturday’s workout sheet reflects the focus of the non-coaches as written.
Additional ‘bonus’ workout beverages for the HOKIE-POKIE and the rest of the BIG workout on the private dock at WhataVacation!



The TEAM readies for another BIG DAY at Coconuts at the Lake of the Ozarks.

More Great Memories at the Lake!

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