Pelican, Fishing, Gravois Arm, Lake of the Ozarks

The best fishermen (and waterfowl alike) know that the best fishing on the Lake of the Ozarks is in the Gravois Arm.

On this cold December day the water temperature is 49F, yet the air temperature is in the single digits.  The warm water is giving its heat to the air providing a slight fog on the water surface.  The long mid-morning shadows on the dock of WhataVacation indicate the low angle of the winter sun; and the Pelicans working the cove, clearly indicates that the fishing is great nearby.  Soon also will be the days of bald eagles sightings in many parts of the lake area, including in our immediate neighborhood.

Enjoying lake life outside or inside, a vacation rental at the Lake of the Ozarks, especially one that ‘feels like home’, is a great idea and a great time in every season.

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